Tournament Schedules

The tournament schedule can be found below

2022 Schedule At Leesylvania State Park

March 26 6:30am -3:00pm or safe light Canceled !
April–09 6:30am–3:00pm or safe light
April–23 6:00am–3:00pm or safe light
May—-21 6:00am–3:00pm or safe light
June—11 6:00am–3:00pm
June—25 6:00am–3:00pm
July—16 6:00am–3:00pm

July–30 6:00am–3:00pm
Aug—-20 6:00am–3:00pm
Sept.–24-25 6:30am–3:00pm or safe light
Note: All tournaments are at Leesylvania State Park.