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2019 Season Champions
Josh Burnley-Jason Tibbetts

F Rahimi-PJ Mosley

52 Teams fished Saturday and Sunday’s
2019 Classic and Year end Top teams for
$18,400.00 total payout.
They caught 275 fish weighing 614.79lbs
1st PJ Mosley-F Rahimi 30.77lbs
2nd Vince Morris-Chris McManus 27.19lbs
3rd Bart Wines-Greg Wilder 25.75lbs
4th Bobby Shetley-John Fair 24.22lbs
5th Ronald Outlaw-Clint Outlaw 23.04lbs
6th Tom Mclean-Doug Brewer 22.88lbs
7th Doug Grubbs-Robert Fincham 22.86lbs
8th Adam Bolling- Dino Dehn 22.81lbs
9th Ken Wood -Brian Swall 22.11lbs
10th Jason Tibbetts-Josh Burnley 21.72lbs
Big Fish
Day 1 Steve Starley-Richard Bright 5.35lbs
Day 2 Mike Orbell-Manford Weagle 5.58lbs

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