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Mike Kruse-Dan Fister

69 Teams Fished Saturday and caught

199 fish that weighed 505.21` lbs


Mike Kruse-Dan Fisther

2nd Place–16.34lbs

Tod Langford-Thomas Harden

3rd–Place –16.31lbs

Bobby Henderson-Cory Henderson

 4th –Place–16.09lbs

John Teare-Nick Mortellaro

5th Place-15.88lbs

Rob Grike-Eric Nelson

6th Place-15.07lbs

Ricky Windsor-Richard Windsor

They Also Had Big Fish– 6.32

7th Place-14.90lbs

Thomas Thompson-Drew Shontz

8th Place-14.86lbs

PJ Mosley-Rahimi

9th Place-14.17lbs

Mike Funkhouser-Eli Brown

10th Place-14.15lbs

Chris McManus-Vince Morris

11th Place 13.69lbs 

Marshal Majewski=Orin Majewski



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