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Jason Tibbetts-Josh Miller

77 Teams fished Saturday and
caught 305 fish weighing 836.11lbs
1st Tason Tibbetts-Josh Miller 18.31lbs
2nd Gary Marean-Daren Wells 17.78lbs
3rd John Bonn-Mile Brenneman 17.70lbs
4th Kevin Waterman 16.83lbs
5th Mike Hicks-Ken Presley 16.74lbs
They had a tie for Big Fish 4.96lbs
6th Mark Leone-Steve Wiseman 16.57lbs
7th Derick Brown-Timmy Herring 16.35lbs
They had a tie for Big Fish 4.96lbs
8th Mike Ramey-Mike Nelms 16.34lbs
9th Preston Cox-George Decator 15.95lbs
10th John Till-Ken Winston 15.78bs
11th Robert Wedding-Todd Murphy 15.29lbs
12th Russ Shetley-Tom Snover 15.21lbs

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