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Ronald Outlaw-Clint Outlaw

60 Teams fished Saturday and
caught 157 fish weighing 373.48lbs
1st Ronald Outlaw-Clint Outlaw 17.67lbs
They also had Big Fish 6.04lbs
2nd John Robinson-Nevel Green 15.91lbs
3rd Doug Grubbs-Robert Fincham 14.87lbs
4th Richard Bright-Steve Starkey 14.31lbs
5th Safu Rana 14.30lbs
6th Wayne Lail-Brad Wolford 13.86lbs
7th Mark Knapp-Frank Karl 13.42lbs
8th Bill Easter-Lamont Vernon 13.39lbs
9th Tony Ebel-Greg Ebel 13.20lbs
10th Thomas Thompson-Drew Shontz 13.09lbs

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