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Goldie Glotefely –

Arron Hastings

71 Teams Fished Saturday and caught

197 fish that weighed 588.97 lbs


Arron Hastting-Goldie Glotefely

2nd Place–18.95lbs

PJ Mosley-F Rahimi 

3rd–Place 17.92lbs

Adam Bolling-Dion Dehn

4thPlace –17.58lbs

Kevin Szot-Bill Kramer

5th Place-17.42lbs

Mike Willett-Dave Brensinger

6th Place 16.04lbs

JR Hillyard-Rick Brannon

7th Place-15.96lbs

Steve Kowlaik-Chad King

8th Place-15.96lbs

Thomas Fouch”e-Josh Crummitt

9th Place-15.95lbs

Richard Carr-Charles Russler

10th Place-15.82lbs

Jimmy Taylor-Jeremy Taylor

11th Place 15.76lbs

John Till-Ken Winston

Big Fish   5.17lbs

Mark Knapp-Lloyd Watkins

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