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Tournament Winners
Rick Elrod-Brett Page

72 Teams fished Sat. Aug.25,2108
They caught 221 fish
that weighed 567.00lbs.
1st Rick Elrod-Brett Page 17.82lbs
2nd Phillip Hint II-Jordan Taylor 16.98lbs
3nd Tom Bateman-Tim McGlenn 16.32lbs
4th Mike Roselle-Bryan Schmitt 16.23lbs
5th Vince Morris 16.16lbs
6th Eric Nelson-Rob Grike 16.14lbs
7th Tom Sterling-Dave Barker 15.96lbs
8th Matt Jewer-Lawrence Morris 15.83lbs
9th Rick Landus-Gary Hershey 14.62lbs
They had a tie for big fish 5.91lbs
10th Tony Ebe-Greg Ebel 14.58lbs
11th Bill Redden-Jeff Redden 14.56lbs
Richard Bright -Terry Odinal 5.91lbs
second big fish

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