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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Bill redden-Jeff Redden

73 Teams fished Saturday and
caught 229 fish weighing 588.15lbs
1st Bill Redden -Jeff Redden 17.54lbs
2nd Bart Wines-Greg Wilder 17.11bs
3rd Eric Nelson-Rob Grike 16.06lbs
4th Vince Morris-Chris McManus 15.81lbs
5th Wayne Lail-Brad Wolford 15.79lbs
6th Kevin Linza-Mike Kruse 15.52lbs
7th Tom McLean-Doug Brewer 15.22lbs
8th Thomas Thompson-Drew Shontz 15.08lbs
9th Tom Sterling-Mike Leatherman 14.66lbs
10th Robert Wedding-Mike Westman 14.44lbs
11th Ronald Outlaw-Clint Outlaw 14.34lbs
12th Ken Presley-Brett Page 14.33lbs
Mike Ramey-Joey Rattliff
Had Big Fish 4.95lbs