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Tournament Results and Standings

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Final Season Standings as of Sept 22-23,2018

Tournament Results
SEPT. 22-23,2018
July 14,2018
June 30,2018
May 19,2018
May 05,2018
April 28,2018
April 14,2018

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Friday, April 23rd, 2010

The 2019 schedule been posted

Potomac Teams Thanks everyone who fished in 2018.
The Entry fee will change for 2019 to $120.00
with $20.00 held back for the Two Day Classic
and Team cost of operation.
The $20.00 team fee will be dropped for 2019.

The 2019 Bass Fishing Flea Market will be on
February 02,2019 for more details look at

Latest News

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Tournament Winners and
Season Champions
Mike Ramey-Mike Nelms

43 Teams fished Sat/Sun. Sept.22-23,2018
They caught 163 fish on day 1/134 day 2 for
297 fish that weighed 786.60lbs.
1st Mike Ramey-Mike Nelms 40.45lbs
they also had day 2 Big Fish 6.98lbs
2nd Adam Engleneyer-Rob Grike 38.01lbs
They had day 1 Big fish 6.12lbs
3nd Richard Windsor-Ricky Windsor 34.70lbs
4th Matt Jewer- Lawrence Morris 30.07lbs
5th Aron Hastings-Kevin Waterman 29.46lbs
6th Thomas Thompson-Drew Shontz 29.15lbs
7th Mike Snyder-Kent Hufflinr 29.00lbs
8th Jason Williams-David Rakes 28.61lbs
9th Adam Bolling- Dino Dehn 27.89llbs