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Tournament Results and Standings

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Seaqson Standings As of May 04,2019

Tournament Results
May 18,2019
May 04,2019
April 13,2019


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Friday, April 23rd, 2010

The makeup tournament will be on
August 03,2019.
Next Tournament
June 08,2019
Registration 5:00 am until 5:50 am
Blast off 6:00 or safe light until 3:00 pm
Entry $120.00 cash only at the ramp.
The entry fee for the first 8 tournaments has changed to
$120.00 no team fee will be charged in 2019.There will be
monies held back for the end of the year tournament an
the top Teams.

Latest News

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Rob Grike-Allen Inglemeyer

80 Teams fished Saturday and
caught 246 fish weighing 702.12lbs
1st Rob Grike-Allan Inglemeyer 20.23lbs
2nd Mike HIcks-Ken Presley 19.43lbs
3rd Virgil Bagwell-Brian Kline 19.30lbs
4th Jason Tibbetts-Josh Miller 18.69lbs
They also had Big Fish 8.06lbs
5th Wayne Lail-Brad Wolford 18.52lbs
A 2 way tie for 6th Place
6th Bart Wines-Greg Wilder 18.41lbs
6th Kevin Linza-Mike Kruse 18.41lbs
8th Steve Kowalik-Chad King 17.99lbs
9th Tony Ebel-Gary Ebel 17.90lbs
10th Gary Marean-Daren Wells 17.22bs
11th Kevin Rowland-John Bednash 16.95lbs
12th Mike Ramey-Mike Nelms 16.73lbs
13th Bobby Shetley-John Fair 16.63lbs