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Tournament Results and Standings

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

2017 Season Standings

Results Sept.23-24,2017
Results Aug.19,2017
Results Aug.05,2017
Results July 22,2017
Results July 08,2017
Results June 24,2017
Results June 10,2017
Results May 20,2017
Results April 29,2017
2016 Final Standings
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Friday, April 23rd, 2010

The 2018 schedule is now reposted.
## Note change no June 16th date ##

The Bass Fishing Flea market
Will be held on February 03,2018
More than 50 spaces/tables available
Contact for more info
Also go to

Thanks to
Kyle Hoffman of Roofing & More, Inc.
Who donated a $500.00 cash award
for the top Team of the 2017 Season
for more info about Kyle go to


Thanks to all of the teams that fished
Potomac Teams in 2017 making it the
biggest year ever.


Latest News

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

2017 Seasons Champions
Micky Pettry-Terry Winsenhunt
Tournament Winners
Dino Dehn-Adam Bolling

56 Teams fished Sat.& Sun Sept.23-24,2017
They caught 360 fish
that weighed 925.15lbs.
1st Adam Bolling-Dino Dehn 35.95lbs
2nd Micky Pettry-Terry Wisenhunt 34.43lbs.
3rd Todd Langford-Terry Stevens 33.30lbs
They had the big fish on day two 5.22lbs
4th Mike Westman-Robert Wedding 31.75lbs
5th Darrin Wells-Robert Wells 30.99lbs
6th Bobby Shetley-John Fair 30.57lbs
7th Warren Kruse-Ottis Darnell 29.38lbs
They had the Big fish on day one 6.32lbs
8th Shane Majewski-Marshal Majewski 29.29lbs
9th Kevin Linza-Mike Kruse 28.25lbs
10th Todd Neal-Buddy Neal 27.08lbs