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    Season Standings Winners

    Bill Glotefely-Arron Hastings-

    Tournament Winners

    Ricky Windsor-Richard Windsor


    52 Teams Fished Saturday & Sunday

    and caught 312 fish that weighed 807.29lbs


    Ricky Windsor-Richard Windsor

    2nd Place–32.66lbs

    Doug Grubbs- Bobby Fincham

    3rd–Place –30.66lbs

    Bobby Shetley-John Fair 

    They Had Big Fish Day 2– 6.54lbs


    Shane Majewski-Shane Stepp

    5th– Place –29.28lbs

    Joe Seliga–Bob Pettey

    They Had Big Fish Day 1– 6.49lbs

    6th Place-28.23lbs

    Mike Kenny–Mike Olsen

    7th Place-27.09lbs

    Brian Kline–Patrick Clark

    8th Place-26.64lbs

    Rob Grike-Alex Tites

    9th Place-26.00lbs

    Mark Knapp-Lloyd Watkins

    10th -Place–25.66lbs

    John Till–Ken Winston

    11th Place–25.63lbs

    Nathan Catlett-Mathew Catlett


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    The 2023 schedule has been posted 


    Entry Fee: $120.00 per Team includes $10.00 lunker

    for the first 8 Tournaments. A team must have fished

    5 tournaments to qualify for the 2 day classic.

    Classic entry is $200.00 with a 100% payback

    You can prepay for any tournament by sending check

    or money order at least two weeks in advance to 

    Robert Pettey

    13427 Greenacre Drive 

    Woodbridge Va.22191