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    Winners May 16,2015
    Bobby Roberts–Randy Roberts

    47 Teams fished Saturday
    1st Randy Roberts-Bobby Roberts 16.65lbs
    2nd Todd Langford-Stevens 16.55lbs
    3rd John Till Ken Winston 15.76lbs
    4th Ray Emery-John Hutchins 15.46lbs
    5th Keith Wright-Julius Warren 15.26lbs
    6th Ricky Windsor-Richard Windsor 15.21lbs
    7th Troy Collins-William Settle 15.18lbs
    They also bad Big Fish 4.71lbs
    8th Kyle Hoffman- Joe Hebler 14.60lbs
    9th Anthony Clark -Lenny Rabbit
    First Place out of $ Custom Fishing Rod
    by John Robinson

  • Events

    Potomac Teams 2015
    The next tournament will be on
    June 06, 2015 from 6:00 or safe light to 3pm
    Registration starts at 5am until 5:50am
    Entry Fee for your first tournament will be
    $120.00 the rest are $100.00 for 2015.
    Cash only at the tournament site.
    Please print out and complete entry form
    prior to the morning of the tournament.
    Also read all rules as posted on site.