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    Winners July 11, 2015
    Mike Kenny-Bill Kramer

    38 Teams fished Saturday
    1st Mike Kenny-Bill Kramer 17.33lbs
    They also Had Big Fish 5.09lbs
    2nd Tony Ebel-Greg Ebel 16.44lbs
    3rd Doug Grubbs-Robert Fincham 15.44lbs
    4th Thomas Harden-Todd Langford 15.19lbs
    5th John Till-Ken Winston 14.55lbs
    6th Terry Wisenhunt-Micky Pettry 13.94lbs
    Matt Caffi- Gary Fowler
    Won Custom Bulldog fishing rod by
    John Robinson

  • Events

    Potomac Teams 2015
    The next tournament will be on
    August 01, 2015 from 6:00 or safe light to 3pm
    Registration starts at 5am until 5:50am
    Entry Fee for your first tournament will be
    $120.00 the rest are $100.00 for 2015.
    Cash only at the tournament site.
    First time contestants please print out
    and complete entry form prior to the
    morning of the tournament.
    Also read all rules as posted on site.