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    Tournament Winners
    Bart Wines– Wines
    69 Teams fished Saturday
    They caught 259 fish
    that weighed 714.94 lbs.
    1st Bart Wines-Wines 19.77lbs
    2nd Doug Grubbs-Robert Fincham 17.77lbs
    3rd Nathan Marlin-George Fleming 17.39lbs
    4th Bobby Shetley-John Fair 17.27lbs
    5th Thomas Thompson-Drew Shontz 17.07lbs
    6th Kevin Rowland 16.99lbs
    He also had Big Fish 7.66lbs
    7th Michael Nichols-Aaron Lindlofff 16.67lbs
    8th Like Beard- Daryl Moser 16.59lbs
    9th Bill Kramer-Kevin Szot 16.28lbs
    10th Derick Brown-Le Johnson 16.23lbs
    11th Todd Neal- Buddy Neal 16.12lbs

  • Events

    The make up Tournament will be
    Aug. 05,2017

    New for 2017
    Kyle Hoffman of Roofing & More, Inc.
    Has donated a $500.00 cash award
    for the top Team of the 2017 Season
    for more info about Kyle go to

    The next tournament
    July 08,2017
    Registration at Park 5am to 5:50am
    Tournament hours 6:00am or safe light to 3:00pm
    Entry fee $100.00 plus $20.00 total $120.00
    for first tournament fished.
    All others $100.00 each
    Please read all rules posted on web site.
    Any Questions contact